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Animoto, My New Favorite Software


I started using Animoto to make the free videos. I loved it so much that I purchased it for a year! It does have it's limits, but overall I like it and it is fast and easy to use. About the only thing that I would change is to give the user a little more […] Read More

Get the FREE Guide: How to Use the Unselfish Marketer Vault


"Don't Even Think About Joining The Unselfish Marketer Vault Before Reading This From The Man Himself...JayKay Bak!" Download this free guide today entitled "How to Use the Unselfish Marketer Vault". JayKay Bak from the Unselfish Marketer wrote this guide to help save you a boatload of time and get you on the path to making […] Read More

Unselfish Marketer Review


Unselfish Marketer Review I am coming up on my 4 year anniversary of being a member and I thought that I should do an Unselfish Marketer Review! First I would like to say that I have been a member of a lot of memberships, making a lot of promises. I was a member of one […] Read More

Unselfish Marketer Discount Coupon Code


OK, so you want in? You have made your decision. You want to be a member of the best membership site on the PLANET!  What is the next thing that you do? And you have come to the right place. I am about to hook you up! Here is the Unselfish Marketer Discount Coupon: So […] Read More

Free SEO Software


Seldom do we get to use a tool that is really "free". Well Traffic Travis  is one  of those tools. They just hit their 100,000 download from CNET.com.  CNET's editor gave it a 4.5 rating. It has been around since 2006. Now there is a paid version, but I don't even know anybody who owns […] Read More

DIYThemes Releases Thesis 1.7


Life is good and keeps getting better! It has been 2 years since Thesis was released and now Thesis 1.7 is out! And in his normal fashion Chris Pearson has done another excellent job! As I have said before I never thought that I would PAY for a WordPress theme. But I did and I […] Read More

DIY Themes Thesis Discount Coupon Code Is Over (Almost)


DIY Themes Thesis Discount Coupon Code Is Over! You can still get the bonus, just not the rebate! As of March 1, 2010 no affiliates will be allowed to offer a rebate for your purchase of Thesis. So if you are thinking about getting it, do not hesitate unless you want to pay full price. […] Read More

DIY Themes Thesis Discount Coupon Code


OK, I have told you how great the Wordpress Theme Thesis by DIY Themes is. For a limited time there was a DIY Themes Rebate for the Thesis Theme. This rebate has expired. You will still see a lot of talk about rebates, discounts, coupons, coupon codes and even bonuses. This is actually an affiliate […] Read More


JayKay Bak's Unselfish Marketer Discount Rebate, First Month FREE!!! Yes, you read that right! I am so sure that you are going to love JayKay Baks Unselfish Marketer that I am going to give you a discount, or rebate, whatever you want to call it. Since there is no way that anyone could come up […] Read More

My Favorite New WP Theme: Thesis


OK, so if you had told me a month ago that I would pay $164 for the Thesis Wordpress Theme I would have just laughed. Why in the world would I PAY for Thesis when there are millions of themes for FREE! Well I have been thinking about my themes. Just about all of my […] Read More