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Don’t Buy Another Product Until You Read This!

I only belong to 2 memberships. Most of them are

rip offs. One that I belong to is closed to new

members. The other is getting ready to have a

price increase. These few spots left at the

$29.00 price will not last long. Then it goes up

to $47.

The site already shows the new price at

http://UnselfishMarketer.com.  But if you go to my

special link at


you can still get the old price (if you are fast


Right now the value of the products is almost

$9,000.00. If you are smart you will lock

yourself in at the $29.00 price. Try it for a

month. You will get more than $29.00 worth of

products in a month. So you really have nothing

to lose and everything to gain.

The autoresponder and web hosting are worth more

than the monthly cost. Everything else is gravy!

If you are spending any money at all each month.

If you see things that you would like to have,

but do not want to spend the money on, this is

really a nobrainer. Do yourself a favor and study

this web site carefully. You will not believe

what you are getting. You will have a hard time

even looking at everything!

Remember to use this link to purchase, or you

will pay the new price!


Enjoy the day!


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