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Elegant Themes, AWESOMENESS!

I have bought a lot of themes for word press. Some are easier to work with than others. But at the end of the day I wanted one theme that I could do anything with, without having to do a lot of coding or jumping through hoops. So I bought Ultimatum. I normally try to buy a lifetime license with products, and that is what I bought with Ultimatum. $81.25 for a lifetime license for a theme that I could do anything with seemed like a no brainer. Turns out that it was not as easy as I was lead to believe. Tutorials were, well less than helpful. I only ended up building one site with it and I am getting ready to change it over to Divi. Then right after I got my first site built, there was talk of a new version coming out. Of course this was not to be included in the original lifetime deal that I had bought. The crowd went wild. There was a lot of mud slinging and in the end the owner agreed to keep the original version, with no upgrades and call the new theme something different. So for me to get a lifetime license would be $175.00! Really? Not interested since I was already burnt once.

So the search was back on for the perfect theme. I kept coming back to Divi by Elegant Themes. $249.00 for a lifetime membership for all the themes and plugins in there plus all future additions. Seemed a little pricey at first. But if I had just started there I would have been done. And using it on one website paid for it and left me with a nice profit.

So the biggest complaint that I could find was the theme using shortcodes. Really? Most themes use shortcodes. “They” said that you better make sure that you never want to change to another theme because of the shortcodes. There is no need to change because Divi can be anything that you want it to be!!!!!

I have built 3 sites with Divi and I love it. Tutorials by the boatload. Easy to understand and follow. But to be honest I have only watched the first one. I just had to get busy building! LOL

Between all of the help buttons within the theme and searching through the forum, I found it very easy to build what I wanted. And now they are coming out with a new and improved Divi 3.0. And yes, it is included in my original purchase! I can’t wait!

So if you want to get the last word press theme that you will ever need, take a long hard look at Elegant Themes. You will be glad you did!

I think that when I have time to need to change this site over to Divi!!!!



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