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2007 – Are You Ready?

I hope that you had a great Christmas (if you
celebrate it) or holiday.

2006 is coming to a close. As it does you need to
ask yourself a question. Have you accomplished
everything that you wanted to in 2006? If not,
what will you do different in 2007?

I would like to help you come out of the box
running. I want to give you an opportunity to see
the most inspiring movie that I have ever seen. I
was lucky enough to download it at no cost when
it was on Google Video. That didn’t last long.
Now if you want to see it, you have to pay for a
one time view, or you can order the DVD.

Anyway, the movie is called “The Secret”. I think
that it lasts a little over an hour. So make some
time, get comfortable, and get ready to get your
mind right. This is the very first and most
important thing that you must do to be successful
at anything!

It is on yahoo video and I don’t know for how
long. Here is the link:

Do not put this off. Watch it while you can
(unless you want to pay to see it).

I also put it on my blog, from that same link. So
make some time and watch it as soon as possible.
It will get you off to a great start for the New
Year. http://BobWilloughby.com

I also wanted to tell you about this before it is

Ross Carrel is putting together a $4,000 training
program and for a limited time you can get in at
no cost. Now there is an offer that you can’t
refuse. Ross is well respected and he will
deliver! Sign up today!

Again, I appreciate you being on my list. I hope
that I can help you make 2007 the best year that
you have ever had!!!!

Enjoy the Day!
Bob Willoughby

If you missed my last email, or you are new, make
sure that you picked up the holiday special at:

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