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Animoto, My New Favorite Software

I started using Animoto to make the free videos. I loved it so much that I purchased it for a year! It does have it’s limits, but overall I like it and it is fast and easy to use. About the only thing that I would change is to give the user a little more control.

Here is a video that I did to commemorate my grandson’s first year:

Everyone loved it! I put it on You Tube. This makes it easy to share or post on Facebook!

I also made some for my web site customers. They were very impressed. Here are some samples: Delmarva Web Designs Videos.

Easy to use and easy to share. I looked long and hard to find something else like it, but nothing compares!

Try it out for free at Animoto.

Just contact me if you have any questions about the program. Other than that, ENJOY!

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