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DIYThemes Releases Thesis 1.7

Life is good and keeps getting better! It has been 2 years since Thesis was released and now Thesis 1.7 is out! And in his normal fashion Chris Pearson has done another excellent job!

As I have said before I never thought that I would PAY for a WordPress theme. But I did and I am so glad! This theme was already awesome and it just got better.

If you are new to Thesis you can read my review here: DIYThemes Thesis Review. So I will not repeat that.

But let’s review what is “new and improved”.

The Options Manager. This is and easy way to save your options to give to a friend, put on another blog, or backing up your options if you are getting ready to play with things. Just in case you break something you can get back to a good place. LOL

New Dashboard Options. There are many more options to choose from. Some things that you had to put in the style sheet yourself can now be selected right from the control panel. Just for an example, I hate that “comments are closed” notice on each post or page that you have disabled comments on. So I would put a hook in each time to eliminate it. Where is that “Easy Button” when you need it? How cool is that? Don’t want your name or date to show on the posts? Just check a box to change it. Awesome!

More help. There are more help features and tutorials to help you get started. And of course the more people that are using Thesis the better your chances of finding help on the net or in the forum. I can pretty much say that if there is something that you want to do, someone else has already done it and can show you how!

The price. Even with all of the very cool new features, one thing that has not changed is the price. Right now it is the same. (Of course they did take away the rights of affiliates to give part of their commission as a discount. So don’t waste your time looking for a coupon code or any other discount).

To read more about the new and improved features go to: DIYThemes Thesis right now! You will be glad you did. Because this will be the best and last theme that you ever need!

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