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Free SEO Software

Seldom do we get to use a tool that is really “free”. Well Traffic Travis  is one  of those tools.

They just hit their 100,000 download from CNET.com.  CNET’s editor gave it a 4.5 rating.

It has been around since 2006. Now there is a paid version, but I don’t even know anybody who owns it!  Even Mark Ling himself said that the free version will work fine for you. How often would someone say that!

It is the most popular SEO software on the internet!

I am not going to go into a long sales pitch about how it works, since it will cost you nothing to try. After 100,000 downloads, somebody must be liking it!

Here is the link: SEO Software. And no this is not an affiliate link. So there is no incentive for me to share this except to help you out! (Well maybe a contest to get a paid version. LOL)

So check it out today. Never a cost and free upgrades forever!

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