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Giveaways Are Getting Old!

I can not recommend giveaways. They are good for
the people building a list. But not for you. Too
much like work. Just give up your email address
and start to frantically download everything you
can. It sits on your hard drive and when you need
it you can’t find it! Next thing you know, you
are getting a hundred emails a day and you can’t
remember if you signed up or not.


Enter JayKay Bak, The Unselfish Marketer. This is
by far the absolutely best membership site that I
have ever seen. If you don’t see what you want,
put in a request. Don’t download things that you
may never use. Download what you need, when you
need it. Not only do you get books and software,
but memberships to other sites. If you are buying
one product a month, you owe it to yourself to
take a hard look at this!

If there was ever a site that over delivered,
this is it. You will be overwhelmed and amazed.
And JayKay is allowing you to take a test drive
for 24 hours. This offer is only good until
midnight on April 8. Go inside and download until
your hard drive is full and don’t pay a cent.

The membership is limited, so don’t waste time.
Take the test drive. Download some products.
Cancel within the 24 hour period or stay for a
month. Either way, you can’t lose.

After you get in, sign up for the affiliate
program. Get 2 signups and you will not pay for
your membership. I took the test drive and was
amazed. I did not think that I would ever be a
member of a paid membership, but I was wrong. I
am loving it!

Here is the link for the test drive:

JayKay has done a fantastic job and he has my
highest recommendation. Take the time to look
this over.

Enjoy the holiday!



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