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Holiday Gift For You

Well the holidays are upon us. I just wanted to take the time to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. I hope that your holiday season is as nice as ours. Our son is home from Iraq for the holiday season. That is the best gift that we could receive.

We live in a small town and they rolled out the red carpet for him. I did capture some of the signs on a web site. You can check it out at WelcomeHomeAndrew.com

I have been doing this for a while and I stay on a lot of lists. I like to see what everyone else is doing and keep up with the Internet Marketing World. But one of my pet peeves is when someone tells me they are giving me a Christmas gift and it turns out to be a discount on something they are trying to sell! That is not a gift. They must be hard up for money to even think that up!

I have a gift for you. Now it is not a pile of gold, and it does have some affiliate links, but there is no cost for you! And it is definitely something that you can use.

It is a PDF file and I also put the links on the blog. Here is the file: Holiday Gift.

Please excuse any imperfections, as I made it with a new software program that I am testing. You will be hearing about it later.

So take a break and spend some time with your family, no matter what you celebrate. Enjoy the Holiday Season!


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