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How’s your internet marketing going?

Seems like there is a lot of hype and a lot to
buy. Try to get started without the correct tools
and you will be lost before you get started.

In a hurry?

What will you need?

You will need web hosting. You can get a nice
starter package for about $9.95 a month.

You will need an autoresponder Do not think that
the fr*ee ones are good. They are not. Plan on
about $19.95 per month.

You will need products to sell. You will need
products for your personal use. You will need
training in the form of ebooks, etc. Price? What
ever your wallet will allow!

Once you get more advanced you will need a
management system for sales and affiliates. How
about JVM or Fantasos. Wouldn’t that be great?
That is what the pros use. $2997.00 for Fantosos
or get it hosted for $37 per month. Here it is:

Or you could just join Unselfish Marketer for $47
per month. Get everything you need and more!

Every other day new products are added. I feel
like a kid in a candy store on those days. I
can’t wait to see what Jay Kay is putting in
there! I get emails everyday promoting products.
But I don’t buy them. I just wait and see if I am
going to get them.

Right now there are over $10,000 worth of
products in the vault. And I am not talking about
inflated prices or products that you see in fr*ee
sites. Jay Kay does not sell fr*ee stuff!

Every month he spends over $1700 on products to

There is an affiliate program, so if you get 2
signups, your membership is paid for.

There is a forum that you can use for help. These
members are like a family, helping each other

If there was ever a nobrainer, this is it! You
have nothing to lose. Sign up and start
downloading. It will probably take you a few
seconds to get your money’s worth. If you find
(yea right, like that’s gonna happen) that it is
not for you, simply cancel your membership. I am
betting that you won’t. So head on over to:
and check it out.

If you don’t have time to take a hard look at
this now, save this email. This is something that
you do not want to pass up. It will save you a
ton of money and get you on your way to the
success that you deserve! And the price is only
going to increase.

Enjoy the day!

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