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Important Post Regarding OTO 50 Products

I have something very important for you today. It is
about a One Time Offer for 48 or 50 Products that you may
have purchased from me or someone else.

There are 3 products that there are problems with on the
One Time Offer. If you are not sure what it is, look at it
here: (this is the correct version)

Here is an excerpt from Jeff Dedrick’s letter:

“Its very important that you check the OTO that you have
downloaded and even more important that check to see if you
are selling the wrong products. There have been items where
rights were misrepresented and even one product who’s owner
is being sued because he was using the word “Stealth”
Unfortunately, we have found out that even though you and
even myself were acting in good faith and didn’t know about
this we are still all responsible ultimately in the eye of
the law. I have also heard that fines can be as high as
$150,000 per occurrence. These products must be pulled
immediately from your offer. You are also responsible for
contacting your customers who have purchased and tell them
to download the new version.” We are allowing all your
current customers who have already bought this product from
you to go to our download page so they can see which
products they have to change and be able to download the
new products. You may also allow them to give this link out
to their paying customers to help make this as easy as

So please let me know if you have this program and I will
send you the information to fix it. (And if you don’t have
the package, look at it again and ask yourself “why”)

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