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Important Tools

I would like to talk with you about making money on the
internet and some tools and techniques needed.

And remember that all tools do not have to cost an arm,
leg, or as much as a gallon of gasoline!

Today I would like to share 2 tools with you that you can
get at no cost or obligation.

The first is an email formatting utility. You can format
the width of your emails (or anything for that matter) with
a couple of cut and paste moves and by pushing a couple of
buttons. If you want to be successful, you have to look
successful, and take any inconveniences away from your
prospects. There are several “things not to do” that have
been the buzz of the gurus. I think that you will find that
making your reader move his head from side to side to try
and read your email is one of them. Today the prices for
computers and monitors have come down so much that nearly
everyone has a LARGE monitor. That makes it even harder on
your reader. Think about the emails that you get and which
ones make it easier on you.

Go to http://www.formatit.com and try it. There is nothing
to download and nothing to sign up for. How rare is that?
It will make you look like a pro and not break the bank.

The next is a PDF maker. I think that anyone would rather
have your book in a PDF format rather than one of those
eBooks that they have to download in exe format and then
try to navigate through. In my opinion PDF is going to
remain the way to go. But a lot of people ask me “How can I
make PDF eBooks without paying for an expensive program?”

I have read all kinds of help programs to give you just the
answer to that question. BUT, they involve using more than
one program and going to a web site and signing up to get
the job done. And then if you want to make corrections
(which I always seem to do) you have to jump through all of
the same hoops again!

And then I found Open Office. A no cost program that does
that and other things that you probably have not even
thought of! You download it at no cost and it is yours to

Now, I know what you are thinking. It must be a “lite”
version, where they will be trying to sell you an upgrade.
This is it. All that you need. Nothing else to buy.

You can work in their program or cut and paste into it.
When you are ready, hit “export to PDF” and you are done.
How easy is that? Get it at:

I know that this has been a long email, but I have one more
thing. If you have these tools, will you spend hours upon
hours to come up with content? Let me help you with that!
I have an offer for private label products that you will
not believe. It is only for the people on my list. You may
have seen this offer before, but not at this price.

My philosophy is that I will get more and keep more
subscribers by giving you the best prices. I would rather
sell 10 at $10 than 1 at $100!

So here is the deal: http://DebtFreeJourney.com/Recommends/PLR

I know that you will not find a better deal.

I hope that you can make use of the tools that I have shown
you today. I also hope that you took the best deal around,
because you will be able to help your readers.

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