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It’s a No-Brainer!

If you haven’t yet heard about AGLOCO, you need to
read this! This new company, founded by a bunch
of Stanford MBA students, is creating quite a
buzz. Their slogan is ‘Own the Internet’… and
that’s what it’s about: you’re getting back some
of the m.o.n.e.y you generate for e-businesses
just by surfing as you usually do. Skeptical?
Well, here’s why I chose to join:

1) $$$ – I will earn ownership in the company (in
the form of shares) and will then begin earning
substantial m.o.n.e.y if this thing blows up (and
I have nothing to lose if it doesn’t.)

2) Simplicity – I use the Internet just as I
always have… I just get paid to do it!

3) Getting my share! – I like the idea of getting
my share of all the billions of wealth being
created on the Internet – even if I am not going
to be a millionaire because of this.

The company has a very solid privacy structure in
place, so your information won’t be shared and
you won’t start receiving loads of spam. AND, you
can earn for not only the time you spend on the
net, but for the time your FRIENDS spend on the
net. Think about it: you’re driving users to the
site, so the company earns more, and you, in
turn, earn more. Fair and square, right? I used
the AGLOCO member calculator – I can get over
5,000 shares a month if I sign up 10 good people
who recruit more new members; and, once the site
has grown enough, I will start earning actual

SIGN UP NOW – this is the key! Remember that you
can maximize your earnings by getting referrals
to the site… and YOU want to be the one referring

Here is a link to sign up:

Enjoy the Day!

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