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JayKay Bak of Unselfish Marketers has lost his mind!

A quote from JayKay Bak of Unselfish Marketers on the anniversary of the greatest membership site on the planet:

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

And he was not kidding. One of the many things that you receive are at least 2 products every other day. He keeps it on the even days so you know when it is coming. And if there are two odd days in a row, such as the 31 st and the 1 st, you get a bonus day!

Well I was looking at the products that I had access to for the month of July. I quickly counted them and there were about 74. Give or take a couple. Now if you do the math on that, it comes out to almost 5 products every other day! It is overwhelming!

And remember that these products are but one small part of the membership. You get memberships to other places for free. Autoresponders, hosting, access to Delavo and much, much more. EVERYTHING that you need all in one place.

And it is not like those squirrely memberships where it disappears after the end of the month. You have access to everything everyday.  Use the search feature to find things if you are working on a project. Review sites, in there. Music, in there. PLR, in there. Niche products, in there. Graphics, in there. Anything else that you need, in there. He spends over $2,500.00 per month on products for us.

As a matter of fact some of the items that you get come from other membership sites where you would pay a monthly fee for just a couple of products. Crazy, isn’t it? It is the combined power of the members plus the super Viking at the helm!

Ever been tempted by an email? Come on now, we all are. What if you got an email and saw a product that you would really like to have, but you resisted. Then a day or 2 later it popped up in JayKay’s vault. What a feeling! Nothing quite like it. Doesn’t show up? Well shoot an email to JayKay and if the rights allow it to be added to a membership site, HE WILL BUY IT FOR YOU (and everyone else at The Unselfish Marketer site)!

Whoops, almost forgot something. JayKay has an affiliate program. Get 2 members and you will be getting yours for free! And it is a closed door affiliate program. Only members have access to it. So if you see someone promoting it, they are a happy member! Not just someone who picked a product to promote.

So right now it costs $47 per month. What? I know that you have seen monthly membership sites that charge $97 or more for only a couple of things per month. This is almost too good to be true! Sign up for $47. If you don’t like it you can get a refund. It will probably take you about 10 minutes to download $47 worth of products. Don’t wait until it gets to $67 per month (and it will). Get it now. Here is the link: Unselfish Marketers.

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