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Product Review: Peel Away Ads

I know that you, like me, get email after email
about new products. It is OVERWHELMING!

I received more than one about Peel Away Ads. It
looked kind of interesting, so I saved one of the
emails to look at later.

In a hurry?

Finally I decided than since it was only $27.00,
that I would try it. And it had a moneyback
guarantee, so I had nothing to lose.

I was excited about my $27.00 purchase until I
unpacked it. WOW. So many instructions. Now I am
by no means a computer geek, but I can fumble my
way through most things. But these instructions
seemed like way too much work.

So I left the computer and wondered what I should
do. Should I just get my money back or try it

I decided that the effect was way too cool to not
try again.

I opened up the instructions and made some notes.
I decided to try it on one of my sites first,
just to see if I could get it to work. As you
know, I do not recommend products that I do not
use. So if I could not get it to work, out it

Well after careful reading and watching of the
videos, it was just as easy as they said. In
about 30 minutes I had my site “peeling”.

Then I put up the sales page. I can tell you that
after you do it one time, it is very easy. Test
page? Not me, I know what I am doing now! LOL

I have all kinds of ideas about what I can do
with this. It is fun to play with.

It is a simple script, but I can see the power in
it. I hate pop ups, but who could resist peeling
that corner? It is irresistible!

Peel Away Ads has my highest recommendation. You
will love it. The only limit to what you can do
with it, is your imagination.

Get this today. Have some fun and watch your
conversion rate sky rocket!


Enjoy the day!
Bob Willoughby

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