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The Very Best Turbo Big Bang Bonus!

Unless you have been asleep for the past few weeks, I guess that you have heard of John Delavera’s “Turbo Big Bang”! And if you have been considering getting it, then naturally you would shop around to see who had the best bonus!

Want to see it now?


I have looked around at some of the other bonuses. Seems like some people are cleaning their hard drives. Look at them very carefully. You may already have some of their offerings on your hard drive!

I don’t usually get involved with these promotion’s, but my friend JayKay Bak came out with an amazing bonus that I had to tell you about!

If you buy through his link you will get one years access to the award winning membership site: “Unselfish Marketer”. This is THE best membership for anyone working on line! Right now the “Vault” has spent $21,440 on products and services for it’s members. That is over 22GB of products! And you will have access to all of them, plus 12 more months at $2,100 per month equals $25,200 more! These are not inflated numbers. These are actual prices and JayKay keeps open records so that you can see how much is spent.

So if you are considering getting the Turbo Big Bang, and you should unless you are already wildly successful, then this is by far the best bonus being offered. Hosting, AutoResponders, and hosted JV Manager2 Fantasos are part of your membership at Unselfish Marketers and they compliment the Turbo Big Bang like nothing else! So shop around and you will be back. But don’t wait too long. This is only good until May 24.

See it at:


If you are not considering the Turbo Big Bang, them maybe a membership at Unselfish Marketer would be beneficial to you. Check it out at http://BobWilloughby.com/Likes/UnselfishMarketer

One other thing about the Unselfish Marketer. JayKay does not buy JUNK! It will be things that you can use.

Enjoy the day!

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